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Copyright notice: This website is copyrighted by the Sharsmith Peak Committee to ensure it is used for its intended purpose. Appropriate reproduction will be authorized if requested in advance. Statements of individuals herein and items in the discussion forum are posted for public inspection. Names of individuals are not to be used elsewhere without their permission for such use. Graphics herein are used with permission only for this website.

Consent to use submissions: As a user of this website you give your permission to use without charge supporting statements, petitions, and other materials submitted regarding the proposal to formally name informally-named Sharsmith Peak after Dr. Carl Sharsmith. Such materials may also be included on this website without further permission from any originator and may be included in a submission to the Board on Geographic Names of the U.S. Geological Survey, where expressions and addresses may become part of public records.

A volunteer effort. There is no paid staff and no source of funds for promoting the informal and formal naming of Sharsmith Peak other than that provided independently by supporters as they carry out their own activities. No fund-raising has or will occur.

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